Personal project: Natural Phenomena

So... It's been a really long time since I shared with you something personal, that's why I decided to publish this shooting The photos were made for an exam and an exhibit. I'm not really proud of each one of them, but I have to say that I hadn't so much time to realize this project...!
I tried to recreate some natural phenomena, but since my aim was to minimize their "portait" side, I kept my eyes closed. I didn't want them to be fully humanized!
Here you can see in order: The fog, the fire, the ice, the death, the nature and the water.
The last two pics are quite "meh" in my opinion ahah In fact, they were part of my "final rush" (๑¯д¯๑) (the deadline was really close!) I imagined something veeery different from what I got, but the whole project has been highly appreciated, and it's enough to make me happy
(Reposting these photos without my permission ISN'T ALLOWED)

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