London Adventures Part 2!

Here we are! I'm totally late, but yes, this is the second post dedicated to my trip -first part here- I miss London so much (not for the weather lol)... I'll sum up shortly our days before and after the MCM comiccon (go here to read the post about the convention!). We went to the must-see monuments and buildings, like Trafalgar Square, the Parliament and the London Bridge. I honestly took a ridiculous amount of photos, but I don't want to upload them all! I was just disappointed by the weather, I never saw a nice and warm sunbeam, so my picture have all the same white and flat sky ;__; sob
We also visited the National History Museum! (after a super long queue...) I really liked this museum, it was so intresting and interactive! Even here, I took 100+ photos... The only annoying thing were the children (; ̄д ̄)always shouting and touching eeeeverything. I know that the museum may look like a place full of toys, but well... It has still been bothersome ahah We didn't see the dinosaurs (ok, maybe one of the most beautiful areas) because there was again an infinite queue! We preferred to visit the other areas, in which there were some fossils, anyway (。´∀`)ノ We just avoided the human evolution section because we were more intrested in seeing animals and other stuff ✧
Last but not least, I realized one of my dreams: we went to Baker Street! I'm a Sherlock's fan, so I was really excited (´▽`ʃƪ) I saw the statue dedicated to Mr Holmes and the museum. 
I'm looking forward to visit another foreign city with my boyfriend, this experience in London has been magic! I really love traveling
Well, that's all! I avoided the details, but the post turned out pretty much long! Sorry! ahah

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