June haul

Well, this will be a short haul post! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I bought some things in the last months, and I never showed them... So this time I don't want to miss the chance again! I'll write a little entry about my shopping ★ (*´・v・) I mainly bought beauty products, like the Tony Mony Aura creams; one is a CC cream, the other one a BB cream. I mainly use the CC when I want a super natural look, or when I don't want to apply myself for a full makeup, but still, I don't want to look like a zombie ahah I really like these creams! They're a little too oily for my skin, but I can fix everything with some compact powder... And it was a miracle to find one with a pale tone in june! In summer the colors are more bronzed, you know, which means "hard times" for a pale skinned girl like me, who's not intrested in getting a tan... (´v`)7 Then I bought some cleaning masks, but that's my usual weekly routine!
Last but not least, I bought a pink floral dress..! Something GIRLY AND CUTE AND ALL THAT STUFF. I was super surprised... I didn't think I'd ever wanted something like that! It makes me look like... The typical sweet and kind girl of a shoujo manga? When last week I went to the bakery, a woman told me that I looked like a doll and then she started talking about that with the salesgirls ahah I was totally embarassed... My second purchase has been this short sleeves lace cardigan, to complete my pure girl look, I guess..? (・_・)ヾ
Now I'm planning to buy something black... Back to the old me! ahahah
Next post will be about London. I know it's a bit late by now, but I really want to show you some photos ❤ See you!

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