London adventures!

As I wrote in my previous post, I spent a week in London! Sooo I'd like to share my experience (and the tones of photos lol). The first time I went in the uk was something like... 5-6 years ago? And only for a day! I didn't see so many amazing things, I realize it only after this trip. Excluding the first troubles, my boyfriend and me arrived to the hotel on Thursday, we were exhausted... (◎_◎;) On Wednestay we start our journey visiting Piccadilly Circus, of course!
We couldn't miss the chance to visit Tokyo Toys and Japan Center, in which we bought some instant noodles, different kinds of cold tea and sweets (●´□`)♡...Honestly, I didn't like the tea ahah it was sooo bitter! I didn't expect it! o(´^`)o

Then we continued our tour toward the parks and Buckingham palace of course! It was a little rainy, so I didn't had the chance to approach some cute squirrels... (T⌓T) I only took some blurred shots! And obviously I took a lot of random photos in the gardens, like the third one... (•ᴗ•)❤ Walking around all those green spaces made me feel relaxed, I definitely liked it! ✧

I don't want to publish an infinite post, so I think that I'll end this first part here! I'll upload the second part after a review, probably! (◡‿◡✿) I recived a super parcel from SoLolita and I'm super looking forward to share the pictures with you! Have a nice weekend ❤

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