Banana Hair Mask ★

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite hair-beauty tips: the banana hair mask! This treatment, if used regularly, gives your hair strenght and shine. As I said, this mask should be applied periodically. I usually make it every two weeks! You can also personalize it with some other ingredients, but this is my standard version:
A banana
Two spoons of honey
A spoon of extra virgin oil
 Leave the mask on your hair for about fifteen/twenty minutes, and then have a shower~ To be honest, I saw the first true results after three applications, but don't be discouraged! 
 ...Ugly but effective! ahah
I also had a super nice dinner last saturday, I wore my new favourite black dress from Labyrinth! This brand is super lovely, I was also tempted by a liliac dress! (●´□`)♡ anyway, during the dinner, a woman came near me and told me that I looked like a japanese doll ahah she was so nice! Then she told me that his son is studying japanese at my old lyceum, the worls is too little! xD We also had the same japanese teacher! ahah 
Nothing else to say here! I hope I'll be able to take some nice ootd pics for the next post! Bye!

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