❤ January haul ❤

Here we gooo~ I've been busy as always, but luckily I had time to prepare this short haul post! (The last day of the month, lol) I'm so happy... Even if I'm saving money for a super important project, I still have some extras that I can spend in clothes I finally got one of my dream skirts, the Glavil's zipper miniskirt! Moreover I bought an evergreen high waisted skirt, simple and black... I can match it with almost everything I have in my closet, so I'm happy about it ahah Then I got something from Ghost of Harlem and from Tralala/Liz Lisa doll~ I also wanted a Liz Lisa one piece, but I found nothing to fall in love with ...Till next time, I suppose? xD 
Anyway the Tralala cardigan is super warm and soft, I love it! And the gray sweather is suuuper cozy~ It also sparkles a little, because of the silver fiber... Usually it's not my cup of tea, but in this case I found it really cute! My mom was surprised, she's used to the girl who wears always black and punk/rock-inspired stuff (...or that just lays in bed with her pajama lol). Last but not least, I'm really proud of myself. I'm changing my appearence and I'm finally moving towards my ambitions! I feel so positive, and it's amazing~ So... That's all! Bye bye 

The photos are terrible... But... Nevermind lol I hope I'll take better picture for my future ootd post!~

2 commenti:

  1. The "BANG!" sweater is awesome! Waiting for some OOTD posts..
    Love, MAD

    1. I need to find a good place to take photos with natural light and with a neutral background... ; v ;
      Moreover I need TIME Q__Q





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