Double Trouble (train version)

This is gonna be a silly and short post, I'd only like to share with you some of my weekly disadventures ahah first of all I should say that my boyfriend doesn't live really near to me, and I need to catch the train to go to his town... And this is the real disaster! TRAINS. The italian railway system is a mess, the trains had always delays, sometimes they have breackdown during the travel, sometimes they're just suppressed... A real nightmare. Some weeks ago I was blocked in Verona because my first train arrived with 10 minutes of delay (I should have waited two hours for the next one!), but luckily my boyfriend was coming home from a comic convention, so he stopped near Verona's station and took me home by car... The next week my train was suppressed for uknown reason, and the next one had 15 minutes of delay, luckily I didn't lost the coincidence T__T Gosh, I was so sick and tired (and super angry)! What's the best solution in these cases? Shopping, maybe? ❤ I was just wandering in some random stores, when I saw this super cute key chain! Ahahah it's nothing special, but I like it, IT'S MAGICAAAL (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Aren't they lovely? Anyway I'm still waiting for my parcel, the tracking number is almost useless! The japanese site post told me that the pack left the country, but I still can't track it in Italy T___T I'm wooorry~
Anyway... This year is almost over! Have you thought about a new aim list? And have you reached some of your previous resolutions? (*≧▽≦) In any cases... I wish you the best for the incoming year!
Bye! ❤❤

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