Little September Haul

Hi! In these days I'm quite busy with my graphic commissions and my sewing projects, so I felt a little stressed and sad... So, what's better than some great shopping? Ahaha, any excuse will do! So I'm gonna show you my little "consolation prizes".

First of all my pride, my love... Ahah, my first Ghost of Harlem shirt! I really like it! It's my very first rokku brand item, so I think that I'll be forever attached to it~

And then I got a new beautiful wig and a new pair of circle lenses, they both look amazing, I'm looking forward to wear them! And I'll review them veeery soon~

My hair too neded some attentions, so I went to Lush to buy a hair mask! I don't know if its english name is the same, but anyway I really like its mint fragrance~

Plus, I bought a lot of fabrics for my cosplay, but I don't think that this can be considered a "prize" ahahah I have a lot of work to do now!
...And then I'm going to spamagain my shirt, YES. (Someone told me that I look like Evangelion's Asuka, lol)

(This "fading Maki" makes no sense, lol)

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