Mid-august with friends

Hello! How are you? I'm fine, but I'm also quite anxious because in a few days I'll recive my exam result...
Anyway in this post I'm gonna talk about my mid-august, which I spent with my boyfriend and with some friends! It has been a funny day, but it started on the wrong foot... When I arrived at the station, in the morning, I discovered that one of the trains that I usually catch wasn't there... So I lost automatically the previous one! I was so sad! Ahah ah- AH.
...So my travel last five hours I was really tired... But in the end everyone was so nice! They waited me for the grill   ...So we ate at 14.30 (they have the rights to hate me lol).
There was a lot of food, but I was sated with my slice of chicken breast~
Then, as expected, we played video games ahah 

Something went wrong with that poor wurstel. (●__●)

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