Today I'm gonna show you my wishlist! (it's just a selection, the real one is quite... Kilometric? lol)
Recently I fell in love with mainly two brands: Ghost of Harlem and Glad News. I hope I'll be able to buy something as soon as possible, because I'm really into rokku gyaru right now! 
Moreover I like the concept of the two brands, I think that they fit perfectly my preferences.
I also like boy london shirts, but not in the standard design (with only "boy london" printed or "boy" plus the eagle). I find the boy x long collection quite intresting, instead!~
Talking about another kind of gyaru I really like this red dress from Liz Lisa, but it's quite old, I think that now this is more an utopia...  ヽ(´ー`)┌
Maybe I'll buy another Liz Lisa dress in the future, I like its floral pattern and its delicate laces, I find this brand really romantic and girly.
For now, the only thing I'm sure to buy in the next days is the Lush hair mask, lol. The red hair colour ruined them a little, but I'm happy because the shade faded quite fastly! (*´・v・) Probably I'll dye my hair ginger in september... I'm really looking forward to!

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